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Diploma in Radiography & Sonography

Diploma in Radiography & Sonography

What Will I Learn?

Radiographers, also known as radiologic technologists, diagnostic radiographers and medical radiation technologists[ are healthcare professionals who specialise in the imaging of human anatomy for the diagnosis and treatment of pathology. Radiographers are infrequently, and almost always erroneously, known as x-ray technicians. In countries which use the title radiologic technologist they are often informally referred to as techs in the clinical environment. 

Radiographers work in both public and private healthcare and can be physically located in any setting where appropriate diagnostic equipment is located, most frequently in hospitals. Their practice varies country to country and can even vary between hospitals in the same country.
Radiographers are represented by a variety of organizations worldwide, including the International Society of Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists (ISRRT)  and The Society of Radiographers (Kenya)


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December 3, 2019

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